Wish Gone Bad

It's a common movie/TV/fiction trope to have wishes go bad or to have them backfire if you're less than specific with the words you use.  Well ... this video is yet another instance of this happening.

OK, so I never claimed to be original with my story lines.  :)

And yes, that's right -- CaraCum again!  I'm afraid I can't get enough.

Also I still haven't received any feedback on the new site design from anyone. Should I take that as a good thing?  Let me know what you think if you have a chance.


Wish Gone Bad (download link)
**CAUTION: Contains sexually explicit material**


Best Costume Ever

Today's video is just a quick, fun one.  It's one of the "thought bubble" ones with no verbal dialogue for those of you who enjoy more TG dialogue throughout.

Unfortunately my online provider still hasn't fixed the streaming problem completely, so you'll have to settle for downloading it.  I included a series of screenshots below though, so you have a bit of a preview before you do so.

Also, as I'm sure you've noticed, I've changed the format of my site.  I'd had the old one for almost two years now, so I figured it was time for something different.  This layout is certainly simpler and cleaner than the old one.  And I've added a bit more functionality, like a search (at the top) which I'd never had before.  There are still some minor tweaks and formatting that I have yet to do, but the majority of it is done.  Please let me know what you think of the new layout.  I'm not entirely set on it myself yet, so I'd be happy to hear both the good and the bad comments.


Best Costume Ever (download link)
**CAUTION: Contains sexually explicit material**


Goodbye Rebecca

Today isn't a day for a new video, I'm afraid.  Today's a day for me to get some thoughts out.

As I'm sure many of you know by now, roughly a week ago, Rebecca Molay took down her site entirely.  As per a message related through Viola at WorldOfTG.com, she shut down her Rebecca's World site "due to hostile attacks from a person who threatens to out [her]".  It's taken me this long to really get my head around this well enough to express my thoughts about it.

Firstly, let me say that this is a great loss to the TG community.  For years, Rebecca's site was a true cornerstone for all of us.  Her work with caption series in slideshow format was really unique and unparalleled.  And not only was the site a constant source of exceptional caption work -- both Rebecca's own and guest captions -- but it was also an extensive wellspring of TG information and sites.  For anyone looking to expand their horizons and find new TG material, Rebecca's World was, without question, one of the key thresholds leading you into this wondrous world.

However our loss is nothing compared to what Rebecca must be going through.  To have to suffer attacks from someone like that would be frightening and offensive, to say the least.  No one should have to endure that kind of treatment.  But to make things worse, for her to have to give up her site, which she'd put years of her life into, makes it that much more tragic.  I find it so hard to fathom that someone could treat another human being like this, especially within the TG community which often necessitates tolerance (hopefully) and privacy (commonly).  This kind of act is shameful and despicable.

On a personal note, I want to publicly thank Rebecca for all her support over the years.  When starting out my site here, I reached out to her to let her know what I was doing.  I couldn't have been more happy to get a response back from her.  To me, it was like getting a message from a celebrity.  But it was more than just a simple reply.  Rebecca was very generous with her time in providing comments and feedback about my site and my videos, which helped me immensely.  Over the last two years since I began, she was kind enough to link to my site here and to my YouTube channel, as well as writing specific posts with wonderful recommendations about my site.  At one point, she even offered to share some of her online storage space with me when I was having trouble with an earlier storage provider.  It didn't work out due to the bandwidth needed for my videos, but it was incredibly generous and open-hearted of her to offer.

For those of you who've enjoyed Rebecca's World over the years, please make sure you leave a comment or star rating below.  Hopefully Rebecca will get a chance to see it herself and see how much she's loved and missed.


If you're out there reading this, I honestly hope that you come through this ordeal with as little personal harm as possible.  My hope for you is that you can continue to be who you want to be and that you still have an outlet for your creativity that continues to keep you happy, inspired and fulfilled.

You will be missed.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Posted by Lilac Wren

Vacation By The Pool

This time, I'm bringing back a concept I've used a few times but haven't used in a while -- the ShareME timeshare service -- where you can rent out someone else's life.  I started it with Vacation From Me and continued the idea with Vacation From Me 2 and Vacation From Me Revisited.

This one shows the ShareME client being a caught off guard.  He only wanted a peaceful vacation in a rich lifestyle, but certainly got more than he expected.

As an added plus, I'm very excited that I was able to use a video from one of my favourite actresses -- seXXygirl!  You may remember her from A Long Hot Bath and Bet Big Lose Big.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my storage provider is having problems that are preventing me from streaming new uploaded videos.  Since they haven't fixed it yet, unfortunately I have to post this strictly for download. I'll update it when/if it gets fixed though.  To hopefully help though, I've added a contact sheet below of snapshots from the video for those of you who want a preview before you download.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but no one is more frustrated with this than I am.

(UPDATE:  While my online provider hasn't fully fixed the problem with the streaming videos, it appears that this particular video was converted recently without them notifying me.  So I'll added the video below instead of the snapshots.)


Vacation By The Pool (download link)
**CAUTION: Contains sexually explicit material**


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